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A Property
The latest someone may check out of a lodging establishment.

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Example 1
Example notes or example HTML without markup.
This example is in microdata only.
Example encoded as Microdata embedded in HTML.
<div itemscope itemtype="">
  <h1><span itemprop="name">ACME Hotel Innsbruck</span></h1>
  <img itemprop="logo" src="../media/logo.png" alt="hotel logo" />
  <span itemprop="description">A beautifully located business hotel right in the
heart of the alps. Watch the sun rise over the scenic Inn valley while
enjoying your morning coffee.</span>
  Check-in: <meta itemprop="checkinTime" content="14:00:00">2:00 PM
  Check-out: <meta itemprop="checkoutTime" content="11:00:00">11:00 AM